BRX - 1 box (15 vials)

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BRX is formulated with a proprietary combination of French Grape and Wild Blueberry extracts, whose synergistic of specific flavonoids has been clinically proven as the best flavonoid profile for the brain and to support learning and memory capacities. 

The active ingredients are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to reach the target area in the brain - the hippocampus. Not all flavonoids are equal - only highly bioavailable flavonoids have been shown to positively impact brain cognitive function. 

The hippocampus is the key area of the brain responsible for the formation and retrieval of memories. BRX can do more than just improve blood flow to the brain; it helps the person to have more new brain cells with good connections to allow better information transmission.

Being the first scientifically proven flavonoids, BRX is suitable for a wide audience and it is perfect in times of increased mental effort, before exams or when there is a need to retain a huge amount of information. The product can also be recommended for seniors who wants to maintain a healthy memory.