2° Reox Series H+ <Calming Restorative Spray>

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Reox Series H+ Calming Restorative Spray which contains Negative Hydrogens Ions that is easily absorb into the skin. 

H+ has 3 skin-loving effects:
1) Help to soothe irritated skin.
2) Reduce the damage caused by free radicals.
3) Revitalizes skin, stregthening skin self-recovery system.

Essential beauty product for your beauty skin.

Other benefits from top to toe: 

1) Oil control and skin repairing. 

2) Antibacterial, disinfection, anti-inflammation. 

3) Strengthen the nutrients to be absorbed by skin.

4) Accelerate wound healing process.

5) Eye protection to prevent eye disease; pinkeye (Ophthalmia), Xerophthalmia, swollen eyes, sensitive or itchiness of eye.

6) Relief fever, reduces temperature/body heat. Excrete limp toxin.

7) Regain and againts skin allergies.

8) Eliminate body odor issues, armpit odor, foor odor and mouth odor issues. 

9) Relief sorethroat. 

10) Relief HFMD for kids.

11) Decomposition and dissolution of pesticides. 

12) Maintain scalp healthy. 

13)  Shrink pores.

14)  Against free radicals.

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