Mediterranean GOLD Plus

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Mediterranean GOLD Plus

Inspired by the concept of Mediterranean Diet with the new and advanced ground-breaking formulation - Lepheno, we have created and produce the new Mediterranean GOLD Plus.  This brand new formulation is collaborate with Fytexia and it is exclusively for Return Legacy.

Mediterranean GOLD Plus is polyphenol-rich formulation together with various fruits and vegetables extracts which is vital for inner and outer health and wellness. 

Benefits of Meditteranean GOLD Plus: 

  • Enhance self-production of antioxidant enzymes which helps to:
  • Decrease the process of ageing.
  • Strengthen our body immune system.
  • Reduce oxidatives stress caused by free radicals.
  • Reduce advents of adverse metabolic conditions.

Help in weight loss by: 

  • Limiting calories absorption.
  • Reducing waist and hip circumference significantly, hence toning the body in the process.
  • Breaking down accumulated fats which in turn converts to energy.

Increase energy level and vitality through:

  • Enhancing our body physically.
  • Improve metabolic rate.

Skin health and aesthetics

  • Reduce cellulite skin.
  • Skin firming effect.

Promote overall health and wellness

  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Regulate blood pressure.
  • Modulate cholesterol level. 

Who should take Mediterranean GOLD?

- People with unhealthy diet (People who lack of fruist and vegetables intake)

- People with irregular lives (sleep late, lack of rest, stress, lack of exercise)

- City people (Air-pollution, second hand smoker, radiation)


1) After MG_Plus, streghten body energy, won't easy to feel tired. 

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