äKwä LavaPure™ Volcanic Mud Mask

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äKwä LavaPure™ Volcanic Mud Mask

Like the geothermal waters that rise from volcanic beds, our volcanic mask renews, refreshes, and energizes the look of your skin. Volcanic properties cleanse the skin’s surface for a purifying experience.

Fermented green tea water and black soybean extract are intermingled with earth-hewn volcanic ash creating a nature-rich, beautifying experience.

Main Features

• Draws out deep impurities, refines pores, lifts dead skin cells, and during wash-off, physically exfoliates to smooth and energize skin’s surface

• Gently removes debris and exfoliates to improve skin’s texture and brighten the complexion

• Provides a vegan formula

Key Ingredients

Volcanic ash deeply cleans, draws out impurities, purifies the skin’s surface, and refines pores for an even surface look, feel, and visual texture.

Walnut shell powder and apricot seed powder gently, yet deeply, clean, exfoliate, and brighten the look of the complexion.

Proprietary Deep Cleansing Complex of bioflavonoids, broccoli extract, and aloe purifies and refines pores, exfoliates skin, and controls sebum levels.

Directions for Use

After cleansing skin, apply to face, extending to neck and chest if desired. Avoid eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Let dry for 5 to 15 minutes. Then, add water and massage gently to exfoliate. Rinse clean. To use as a spot treatment, dab on problem area, allow to dry, and rinse. Follow with Glacier Glow Four-Way Toner on a cosmetic pad, sweeping across treated area to remove any remaining mud.

Use once or twice a week for a ritual your skin will love!

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发酵的绿茶水和黑大豆提取物与土生的火山灰混合在一起,营造出自然丰富的美化体验, 可以深层洁净皮肤。


• 清除深层杂质,细化毛孔,去除死皮细胞,并在冲洗过程中,进行物理去角质,使皮肤表面光滑并充满活力

• 轻轻去除杂物并去除角质,改善皮肤质地,使肤色亮丽

• 细致肌肤及缩小毛孔,且不会造成皮肤过度干燥

• 提供纯素配方








用作斑点处理时,轻拍问题区域,使其干燥并冲洗。然后在化妆垫上使用Glacier Glow四效爽肤水,扫过治疗部位,清除残留的泥浆。



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