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How well do you know about your body? 

The human body is make up of many components- the systems, the organs, the tissues and the cells

While, there are more complex structures and elements consist in a tiny cell.

The tiniest unit in a human body is the atom. Each atom is made of protons (possitive charge) and electorn (negative charge).

There are different types of atoms called the elements. To date, scientists have discovered up of 118 types of elements

There are some of the elements could be found in our body.

Our body consists of major elements , minor elements and trace elements.

Each elements is distinguished by its unique traits and atomic number. The smaller the atomic number

the smaller the size of the atom. Hydrogen is currently smallest element to be discovered on earth. 

The atomic number also represents the number of protons found in the nucleus of the atom.

For instance, the atomic number of Oxygen is 8, which means there are eight protons in the nucleus of oxygen.

The number of protons and electrons have to be identical in order to be healthy. 

Elements are originally in a stable and healthy state. However, factors such as pollutionunhealthy diet, 

emotinal issues and radiation will remove the electrons, causing stable elements to have unpaired electrons.

Elements with unpaired electrons are not stable and will transform into our biggest health enemy, the free radicals. 

Free radicals are highly damaging. To acheive a balance number of electrons, free radicals will start a chain of reaction by ripping electrons from other elements, damaging the elements which eventually will create more free radicals

Free radicals may even impact cellular DNA

When free radicals exceeded the amount of our body will incur health issue such as fatigue and physcial discomfort

Scientists have discovered a breakthrough in fighting free radicals. The people living in Hunza, Pakistan have a reputation of having one of the logest living populations in the world. Scientific research have shown that the water in Hunza contains substantial amount of negatively charged hydrogen ions.

While normal hydrogen atom originally consists of one electron and one proton, the hydrogen atom in Hunza's water has an extra electronScientist have named this incredible elements as the negative hydrogen ion.

The negative hydrogen ions will "donate" the extra electronsthus neutralising the free radicals and

stopping the chain of reactions that caused damage of the cells in the body. 

After exessive research, the Legacy Science is inspired by the unique traits in Hunza, creating a special technology to neutralise free radicals, also known as Micro-mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT). This technology is the pride of the Legacy Science. With MMNT as the focus of production, REOXlife Potent effectively combats the damage brought by free radicals. 

REOXlife Potent also consists powerful antioxidant from cantaloupe and wheat extracts that help to 

reduce cell damage while slowing signs of aging and reducing UV damage

While, REOXlife Potent's Skin Nutrient System is effective in preventing the loss of collagen caused by aging and free radicals.

Furthermore, REOXlife Potent helps to stimulate cells renewal and reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles, leaving the skin smooth and radiant. 

A long-term consumption of REOXlife Potent leads to stronger immune system and improve health condition

With REOXlife Potent, free radicals will be neutralised, forming health atoms

Healthy atoms will then build healthy cells, tissues and organs

REOXlife Potent, your first choice for an effective antioxidant.

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