SPA WATER *All in one skin care*

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All in One- SPA WATER (50g) 

✔ Toner 

✔ Essence/Serum 

✔ Emulsion/Moisturizer 

✔ Make-up Base

SPA WATER Refreshing Moisturizer


Very rich with WATER

1 bottle of SPA WATER replaces 4 core skin care effect [Toner + Serum + Moisturizer + Makeup Base]

With the latest original technology, deep moisturizing effect for skin,

Moisturizing and brigthening skin instantly, keep your skin supple and firming! 

SPA WATER All in One efficacy: 

- Supplies water to skin, moisturizing effect.

- Whitening and lighthening freckles. 

- Inhibit melanin production

- Repair skin cells

- Soothe and calm sensitive skin

- Elimination of acne scar

- Moisturizing and retain skin moisture level. 

- Reduce fine lines and firming skin. 

- Diminishing dark circles and eye bags

- Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation

- Oil control

- Shrink pores

- Reverse glycation and delay skin aging

- Make-up base

Spa Water ingredients: 

<Portulaca Oleracea Extract>

Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, can prevent skin eczema, atopic dermatitis and other skin disease. Anti-oxidant and skin moisturizing. 

<Sakura Extract>

Skin moisturization , skin hydration, repair skin cells, skin whitening, shrink pores. 

<Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract >

Skin moisturization, skin brighthening , anti-oxidant, prevent aging. 

<Lavadula Anguvstifolia Oil >

It helps to relieve stress, headache, and relaxation. Also, promote wound healing effect, and antibacterial.

Oil-control, ligthening freckles, rejuvenate wrinkles, eliminate eye bags and dark circles. Promote the recovery of damaged tissue on skin. 

Direction of use: After cleanse face, directly apply on face and neck, lightly pat until fully absorbed. Can be used morning and night. 

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